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Everything In Between (EIB) | Recovery Time W/ Michael Richwein

Faith, Fitness and Everything In Between, a community of individuals from all walks of life, living their dash, loving life, sharing stories and inspiration. 

“I had the pleasure of knowing Mike for a few years now, through Connect Church, a place we both call home. I could not be more grateful to Mike for giving me the platform, the opportunity to share my story” – Thomas Noah (Owner/Founder)


Episode Notes


  1. My academic journey 
  2. Life before the US, in Liberia
  3. Challenges I face growing up, transition into the States, and how they all shaped me
  4. The Evolution of 3G System Fitness 
  5. The Marathon Experience 
  • 4 marathons before 2011, took 8years off & got back into long distance running again in 2018. 
  • People always ask, why do you run, why do you put yourself through that?
  • Because the process of getting to a marathon is more than just the physical. You are physically challenged, but a lot of the growth happens mentally. The process of getting there requires a mental and spiritual journey. 
  • Because it allows me to constantly train my mind. Academics was always there, but that formal education doesn’t exist the same way. So how else do you push yourself everyday beyond the standard, like going to the gym? For me it’s marathons.